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The Celtic circle of Ploëmel.

About us.

The Celtic circle of Ploemel was created in 1981 so as to save and  carry on the culture of Britanny, especially dance and music.
The group of dancers is made up of about thirty adults and about twenty children. They wear two different periods costume of Auray's region. Five musicians accompany them with bombard, bagpipe, veuze, clarinet, accordion and singing.

The repertory of Danserion Bro Plenuer is varied ; it reflects the different lands of Brittany. In order to put a modern touch, the dances are highlighted by choreographic arrangements which respect their authenticity.


                         BBC Video

A BBC report during the Pan Celtic Festival to Derry in april 2014.

                  Pan Celtic festival


Our Facebook page.

The website of our friends. This association exists since 1992 and mainly regroups twining committees between Brittany and Ireland.


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